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Bad things, good people! Sometimes they blurred the lines!

Sixteen years old Hallie Thompson vows to help her grandmother build a shelter for battered women. The only source of financing they can think of is the demon Tilly Whitelock’s buried gold. However, forty killer ghosts guard the gold under a century-old spell. Hallie and her Grandmother are unable to lift the arcane spell and free the treasure. So, they place a diary with Tilly’s golden secret online with a magic footprint. Hoping to attract a magician with powers to revive her. Hallie then can kill her and lift the spell off the gold. If things don’t go as planned though, Tilly will be set free to wreak havoc upon the world once again.


His wife wants to start a family. Hell wants him to do so too. 

Saxon Draggo inherits a multi-billion dollar empire and a binding deal his ancestors’ sign with Satan. According to the original document, handlers fall under sub-section X111 of the Heaven, Hell and Humans Agreement.

Handlers shall be of the bloodline of Minja Draggo. A handler’s free will shall not intrude upon by Hell or its agents. It is upon Hell to furnish four representatives, with the attributes and powers of its office, to serve the bloodline in the pursuance of evil until time immemorial. The charter protects spouses until they produce heirs, and after that, longevity depends upon their evil activities for Hell. 

Now Saxon is searching the world for ways to rescind the contract. He and his wife’s souls depend on his success. 

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